Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Cameron's conference speech

List of lies:

Grave moment in the modern history of Britain (1 lie)
Making an insolvent nation solvent again (2 lies)
Set our country back on a path to prosperity that all can share in (2 lies)

And that's within the first 40 seconds of his speech. If I was to do this right through his speech, I'd end up with a document as big as the NHS reform bill (described by an affected member of the medical profession as "so big it can be seen from space.") and anyway, I've got work to do. Unlike far too many people in this country - no thanks to this shitbag.

"Britain is on the right track."

What a load of crap.

And WHY do the BBC keep focusing on the 2 Olympians/Paralympians, even when he's not talking about the Olympics/Paralympics?

One final point: he's talking about the Paralympians training hard and then about his disabled son. Why are you ripping disability benefits from the hands of those who need it?

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