Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Yet more economic lies and hidden details

The Tories are getting worse. Nothing truthful passes their lips or press releases. As Polly Toynbee put it in her Guardian article today: "If the chamber had a polygraph and a Geiger counter to measure radioactive levels of untruth, the place would bleep so loud nothing else would be heard." 

They've made huge crippling cuts to council budgets particularly in traditional Labour areas and are now claiming that a couple of million here or there is much-needed local investment. They announce cuts to NHS budgets and then claim that part of what's left is new funds for more front-line staff. They say that they're putting more money into road building plans that are actually previously promised funds - like not giving someone a present last Christmas and then saying they'll get it this year.

Then there's the missing details: how will the tax cuts for the lowest and highest earners be paid for? The government department cuts: all the major independent economic bodies have shown how the cuts already made have left those departments unable to manage but there's more to come. More cuts will be made to benefits, as if we don't already have enough evidence that poverty is rising and people are being left literally starving.

#CameronMustGo is still trending but the shit doesn't stick with this lot. Osborne was drunk, or massively hungover, or high on something at last weeks PMQs but beyond twitter and small articles in the press, nothing has been said about it. If I turned up to work once in that state, I would get a warning at least: this man only has to look professional once or twice a week and he can't even manage that. He's supposed to be running the economy!

It really concerns me that people who don't read between the lines or spend time seeking the truth behind Tory claims and promises will hear of supposed new funding for something they want in their constituency might believe it and vote for them next May.

Lies should be outlawed in the houses of parliament more than anywhere else. Yet at the moment, I think if no lies were permitted, there would be silence in the commons.

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