Thursday, 28 May 2015

How on earth can we compete with the right wing's media dominance?

I haven't written anything on here for a month, which is surprising, given how our political foreground has changed in that time. I've been stunned into silence, save for a few short dog-like bursts of noise on twitter. I can't think what to say because there's far too much that needs saying. I think I'll start slowly.

What the hell has happened?

Somehow, the Tories got a majority. Labour were destroyed by the SNP in Scotland. The Lib Dems were destroyed in both England and Scotland. Labour won hardly any of the marginals they needed. Surprisingly, UKIP actually lost a seat to the Tories and ended up with only one.

That's the what. How is a much bigger question. First, Labour lost the economic argument - or rather, they totally surrendered to the lie that they caused the recession. But that on it's own isn't really enough: people still needed to believe that tax cuts for the rich, taking money from disabled people and the poorest in society and decimating public services in the name of 'balancing the economy' was a better option than a Labour government who might, from what we could tell, stick with what had already been done by the coalition government.

The rich clique

It seems that in the UK these days (and in the US too, from what I gather), no matter what your various thoughts are on the nuances of economic or social policy, if you're rich and want a government that acts in your interests, you stick together. Some believe we should stay within the EU; some think we should get out. Some feel the NHS should not be privatised; others want bits of it to make profit from. Some know that we need to spend more on public services than we currently do; others would like to see no state-funded services at all (the less money spent on ordinary people, the more there is for millionaires' tax cuts). Despite these and other big differences of opinion, the richest few in society support the Tories with big donations to the party, printing lies as fact in their newspapers, and have a resolute determination to guffaw and scoff when asked about anything that the conservative party wouldn't (now) do as though it's a ridiculous idea only communists would consider.

How to compete?

That is the main reason why I've been so quiet. I don't think we can. Big money pays for think-tanks to come up with policies that benefit big money. The richest few give fat handshakes to politicians in return for favouritism and perhaps a cushy advisory role or directorship when they leave (or are kicked out of) government. The very wealthiest own newspapers and con the voting public into voting for the Tories with stories about scroungers, Labour's economic ineptitude and rogue union leaders.

The rest of us have a voice but it's so quiet we can't get heard. And some of us, unfortunately, are conned by the right-wing's media dominance.

It's so depressing but I just don't know how to gather the left into a huge group in the way the right have. That would be the only way to get heard.

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