Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Tories are lying about austerity: it's obvious isn't it?!

The public have been convinced that austerity is necessary to secure the country's economy. Apparently, it's desperately urgent that we need to cut essential support to the poorest and most vulnerable and to cut council budgets down to the marrow. So if that were true, you'd think it would be absolutely crucial that selling off public assets would be a great way of bringing in some funding. Seemingly not.

We already know that the government sold off the Royal Mail on the cheap, with the taxpayer missing out on a huge amount of money. Now RBS is being hurriedly sold off too. With the Royal Mail, George Osborne's best man got quite a few million for himself out of it (maybe he bought George a very nice birthday present with some of his winnings?) and with RBS, the Tory donors and ministers' chums in the City will make a packet too.

So it seems that it's really important to wring as much money out of the poor in the name of austerity, but in the name of making the rich richer, publicly-owned assests are absolute bargains.

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